How it all began
Marina Martianova, CEO and a co-founder
Hi everyone, my name is Marina and I'm a co-founder of Candice. We are very new to the US, however, we have a story to tell you.

I launched Candice in Russia in 2016. My father doesn't eat sugar, as he has pre-diabetes. We never had sugar at home. When I was 18 I was told by doctors that I have the same problem, and, if I keep on eating certain list of products, I'll have diabetes really soon. The doctors were mistaken. After 3 months of really strict diet I did more tests, and doctors found out I'm fine. However, I've learned what it's like to always restrict yourself. That's how the idea of Candice was born.

I found amazing people who joined our team, and I would love to tell you about all of them. What unites us is a dream to give freedom of choice to people who don't eat sugar for any reason: they have diabetes, workout or just follow a healthier diet.

I visited the US in 2018, and I was surprised that a product like ours still doesn't exist here. From that moment I decided to launch Candice in New York. I always dreamed to solve the problem worldwide, so I didn't hesitate for a second. In NYC I met Vera, who joined me as a co-founder... well, she will tell you the rest of the story :)
Candice in New York
Vera Arbatskaya, CTO and a co-founder
Hi, friends! My name is Vera, I'm pastry chef and a co-founder of Candice.

I moved to New York almost 7 years ago from Russia, where I worked in a big tech company. After a long maternity leave here, in the US, I finally decided to do what I truly enjoy: making delicious and beautiful pastry. That's how the Sweet City Life project has been created almost 4 years ago. During this time I learned a lot about pastry, took courses form the best pastry-schools in Russia and Europe, worked as an assistant with world's famous chefs.

Last Christmas Eve I met Marina, and we realized that we're sharing the dream of creating desserts that every person can enjoy. I loved the idea of cake in a jar, which gives an enormous opportunity for flavors and textures combinations. And the story of Candice in the USA begun. Now we have couple of flavors ready, and few more are coming soon.

We are really happy to meet all of you. Welcome to our community ♥️
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